Unit 1

Foundations of American Government

Chapter 1—Principles of Government

  1. Government and the State
  2. Forms of Government
  3. Basic Concepts of Democracy

Chapter 2—Origins of American Government

  1. Our Political Beginnings
  2. The Coming of Independence
  3. The Critical Period
  4. Creating the Constitution
  5. Ratifying the Constitution

Chapter 3—The Constitution

  1. Basic Principles
  2. Formal Amendment
  3. Change by Other Means

Chapter 4—Federalism

  1. Federalism: Powers Divided
  2. The National Government and the 50 States
  3. Interstate Relations

Unit 2

Political Behavior: Govenrment by the People

Chapter 5—Political Parties

  1. Political Parties and What They Do
  2. Two-Party System in American History
  3. The Minor Parties
  4. Party Organization

Chapter 6—Voters and Voter Behavior

  1. The Right to Vote
  2. Voter Qualifications
  3. Suffrage and Civil Rights
  4. Voter Behavior

Chapter 7—The Electoral Process

  1. The Nominating Process
  2. Elections
  3. Money and Elections

Chapter 8—Mass Media and Public Opinion

  1. The Formation of Public Opinion
  2. Measuring Public Opinion
  3. The Mass Media

Chapter 9—Interest Groups

  1. The Nature of Interest Groups
  2. Types of Interest Groups
  3. Interest Groups at Work

Unit 3

The Legislative Branch

Chapter 10—Congress

  1. The National Legislature
  2. The House of Representatives
  3. The Senate
  4. The Members of Congress

Chapter 11—Powers of Congress

  1. The Expressed Powers of Money and Commerce
  2. The Other Expressed Powers
  3. The Implied Powers
  4. The Nonlegislative Powers

Chapter 12—Congress in Action

  1. Congress Organizes
  2. Committees in Congress
  3. Making Law: The House
  4. Making Law: The Senate

Unit 4

The Executive Branch

Chapter 13—The Presidency

  1. The President’s Job Description
  2. Presidential Succession and the Vice Presidency
  3. Presidential Selection: The Framers’ Plan
  4. Presidential Nominations
  5. The Presidential Election

Chapter 14—The Presidency in Action

  1. The Growth of Presidential Power
  2. The Executive Powers
  3. Diplomatic and Military Powers
  4. Legislative and Judicial Powers

Chapter 15—Government at Work: The Bureaucracy

  1. The Federal Bureaucracy
  2. Executive Office of the President
  3. The Cabinet Departments
  4. Independent Agencies

Chapter 16—Financing Government

  1. Taxes and Other Revenue
  2. Borrowing and the Public Debt
  3. Spending and the Budget
  4. Fiscal and Monetary Policy

Chapter 17—Foreign Policy and National Defense

  1. Foreign Affairs and Diplomacy
  2. National Security
  3. American Foreign Policy Overview
  4. Foreign Aid and Alliances

Unit 5

The Judicial Branch

Chapter 18—The Federal Court System

  1. The National Judiciary
  2. The Inferor Courts
  3. The Supreme Court
  4. The Special Courts

Chapter 19—Civil Liberties: First Amendment Freedoms

  1. The Unalienable Rights
  2. Freedom of Religion
  3. Freedom of Speech and Press
  4. Freedom of Assembly and Petition

Chapter 20—Civil Liberties: Protecting Individual Rights

  1. Due Process of Law
  2. Freedom and Security of the Person
  3. Rights of the Accused
  4. Punishment

Chapter 21—Civil Rights: Equal Justice Under Law

  1. Diversity and Discrimination
  2. Equality Before the Law
  3. Federal Civil Rights Laws
  4. American Citizenship

Unit 6

Comparative Political and Economic Systems

Chapter 22—Comparative Political Systems

  1. Origins of the Modern State
  2. Ideas and Revolutions
  3. Transitions to Democracy
  4. Case Studies in Democracy

Chapter 23—Comparative Economic Systems

  1. Capitalism
  2. Socialism and Communism
  3. The U.S. in a Global Economy

Unit 7

Participating in State and Local Government

Chapter 24—Governing the States

  1. State Constitutions
  2. State Legislatures
  3. The Governor and State Administration
  4. In the Courtroom
  5. State Courts and Their Judges

Chapter 25—Local Government and Finance

  1. Counties, Towns, and Townships
  2. Cities and Metropolitan Areas
  3. Providing Vital Services
  4. Financing State and Local Government